Monday, January 30, 2012

Tales of a 2nd Grade Field Trip

Oh man, I did it.
I thought about blogging today and I'm doing it! *sigh* Let's see how long the proud feeling lasts.

A couple of weeks ago, the whole grade level took an art focused field trip to a nearby art studio. Fantastic artists, wonderful presentations, great learning opportunities, etc....well, of course we know that these fun activities inevitably culminate in a writing assignment....which is what I am excited to be posting about today.

Our school has begun a writing program that begins in the early grades and maintains the same expectations all the way up through the intermediate grades (point being: now all of the teachers use the same editing marks, etc. through every grade level). Literally just was passed to all of us, so we got to use our new "green light, red light" system for this field trip writing.

The kiddos start with that good ole orange square to help them indent and then follow it up by circling/highlighting the capital letter at the beginning of each sentence in green. Ending punctuation is noted with a red circle/highlight, and the new sentence can't begin (green = go) without the red light having been in place.

That said, my final drafts came in much more complete on the first try than they usually do. Often, I'm sending them back for another look. In any case, the bulk of these were done early last week, but a few of my final ones were rolling in Friday and today....the one I got today was worth waiting for. This gem came from one of my sweetest kiddos that is also a part of our reading intervention club after school three days a week. She is a child after my own heart with her methodical work habits...and it totally is always amazing to see/read what she had to say.

I am off to attempt pull ups and live in the pride that I actually blogged two days in a row!

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