Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On Days Like Today....

Or on weeks like the last few weeks, it is important to dwell on those wonderful little things that help you get through the tough times.

These kids are amazing. They are talented, adventurous, excited, and filled with curiosity...and even though there are times where it is hard to remember all of those things, it is important to have little reminders in your life.

I've been brainstorming blogs about biomes, velcro, and food lessons for months...My blogging policy to myself is to not blog unless I feel like I have something important to say, and this week has given me plenty of times to count my blessings and move on from a lame post about velcro-ing pencil boxes to things.

Below is one of those things that I keep handy to remind myself how much I love my class:

They were responsible for becoming experts about the African Savanna...and boy did they come prepared! I set up the background of this mural, and the rest was their creation....including that amazing elephant....and the idea to play the initial musical component from "The Lion King" to introduce their presentations.

This week, we have been reading "Yunmi and Halmoni's Trip," which is a cute little story in our reading anthology about a little girl and her grandmother visiting family in Korea. This inspired a couple little chefs in my room (or their families were coerced, who knows) to bring in some Korean food. So today, before math ended, we passed out plates and kimbop to everyone. The deal was: no matter how different the food looked, no matter what you already think you know about the ingredients, you have to at least give it a little try.
The initial complaining was kind of silly..."But I don't like seaweed," "What if there is something weird in it," "But I don't like seaweed!" you know...those sorts of things...However, for the first time this week they were good little direction followers and everyone tried a little bit of the kimbop (including me).

And rejoicing was heard throughout the land!

Not one of them didn't like it :) Gotta love the end result after all of the build up.

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