Sunday, June 24, 2012

5 Things You Need to Know About Me....

Holy cow! Two days in a row with a blog post?!

Actually, I wanted to post about this yesterday, but got all caught up in the bindery-goodness. And now, this is the perfect time for a teeny-tiny blog as I hydrate for a quick run :)

At the very end of the school year, in the midst of struggling to keep the attention of my class as well as keep quiet the fact that we were all moving up to third grade...I decided to adapt an assignment that many teachers do during the last week of school. The norm is that each student writes a letter to the up-and-coming kids for next year's _____Grade class...However, since next year will not be the same grade in my room, I had my class write down 5 things that next year's class needed to know about me.

The results were amazing!

Here is a smattering of some of them:

*Try to whisper when the door is open. (We are in a very cemented hallway that kinda echoes when the door is open)

*Have fun with art projects.

*Be a fantastic, excellent Stallion. (I now plan on telling everyone to "stay excellent" next year)

*Don't yell so loud that everyone can hear you. (yell quietly, please)

*She is super smart.

*She can see everything. (Remember that!)

*She pays attention to you.

*Be nice to each other.

*Don't be silly...but sometimes.

*Do not punch. (clearly kicking is okay)

*Never tell on other people, only if dead or dying in class. (HA!)

*Do not do things wrong on purpose. (only on accident is acceptable)

*Don't act like a first grader.

And my favorite.....

When you go to a play in the MPR, don't talk to your neighbor or else she will give you the eye.

I am indeed well known for "the eye."

Perhaps that is why this strange illustration appeared at the end of one note:

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